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Kuva Chateau Hotel has many in-house restaurants for hungry guests to dine-in. The Vivid Western Restaurant, Tang's Chinese Restaurant and Great Kuva Thai Food&Lounge offer an extensive range of cuisines including Chinese, Thai, international and seafood. Right breed for you? Kuvasz information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. Located near Guang Ming Park and Sogo Department Store, Hotel Kuva Chateau is a 20-minute drive from Taoyuan International Airport. It features free Wi-Fi, 4 dining options, a health club and outdoor pool. You may easily stroll to the public bicycle stop in just 5 minutes. Jungli Night Market is a 3-minute walk from Kuva Chateau Hotel. Kuva images. KUVA p240. PPEOKKUGGI 1507 Chinese Great Wall C20R Clone. PPEOKKUGGI 1509 Chinese FAW Jilin Senya S80 Clone. Pyeonghwa Motors. PPEOKKUGGI 2008 Chinese Beiing 212 Xuanfeng with special front. PPEOKKUGGI 2013 FAW Besturn X80 clone. PPEOKKUGGI 2406 Chinese Great Wall Haval Clone. PPEOKPUGGI 1 Vietnamnese Fiat Doblo Clone Kuvis Kuva Koe. by StudyingPanda222, Sep. 2016. Click to Rate 'Hated It' Click to Rate 'Didn't Like It' Click to Rate 'Liked It' Click to Rate 'Really Liked It' Click to Rate 'Loved It' 4.5 1; Favorite. Add to folder. Flag. Add to Folders Close. Please sign in to add to folders. Sign in. Don't have an account? Sign Up » ... The Chinese New Year starts on a different day each year. If you were born in January or February, your year of birth might be different from what you think. Calculate Your Kua Number . Before we do that, pay attention to two things: Kava Kava is an herbal remedy that's made from the roots of Piper methysticum-- a type of plant found in the islands of the Pacific Ocean.Its name literally means “intoxicating pepper.” People ... The feng shui Bagua (pa kua or pakua) mirror is a round mirror surrounded by an octagonal wooden frame with the feng shui Bagua design in either red, green, and yellow/gold colors (pictured here) or yellow, black, and red colors.The Bagua mirror design is further divided into the so-called Early Heaven and Later Heaven Baguas, both originating from the I Ching wisdom. Located near Guang Ming Park and Sogo Department Store, Hotel Kuva Chateau is a 20-minute drive from Taoyuan International Airport. It features free Wi-Fi, 4 dining options, a health club and outdoor pool. You may easily stroll to the public bicycle stop in just 5 minutes. Jungli Night Market is a 3-minute walk from Kuva Chateau Hotel. It is a ...

Warframe Revisited suggested changes - Pets 2.0 / Syndicates / Universal Vacuum / and more

2020.04.15 23:42 FallenDisc Warframe Revisited suggested changes - Pets 2.0 / Syndicates / Universal Vacuum / and more

Before I start,
I'd like to specify, that recommended changes will be divided into ones that are mandatory "+" and ones that are nothing but a thought that would be welcome to implement "=".
Sit tight, grab a snack, find a comfortable spot because that's going to be long.
+ Pets and sentinels 2.0. - sentinels don't have health bar, and don't need defensive mods, they work only to serve warframe with additional abilities such as: seasonal heal, shielding warframe when reviving allies, giving a increased chance to orange or red crit, give a warframe a chance to negate lethal damage, regenerate shield when it runs out and so on. Remove their weapons, and replace defensive mods with new ones that grant what set mods currently do like Vigilante, Photon, gladiator, syth, strain, aero, motus, etc. Make all these "double jump height" mods not locked on warframe, but transfer them to sentinels that boost warframe such as [Anti-Grav Array] does right now.
Give pets a passive abilities, kubrows let them be berserker type of pets. As example each hit from enemy increases their armor and damage until a cap (chroma vex armor lookalike) kavats let them be fragile pets that grant buffs, avoid damage, hunt preys and can stun or perform a finisher attack.
Also, remove pet integrity.
+ Bring back alerts, let them grant you random amount of rare resources at instant or weapon parts and make it drop nightwave standing instead or regular credits. It was one nice rotating addition to the game which was (I assume) just running code that was dropping a random loot on random node with a guaranteed drop rate. Also, make nightwave challenges a bonus reward during one alert, for example if you run an interception mission if through the game you do not let enemy capture a tower you get bonus nightwave creds (think of it like bounties in open worlds)
+ Bring back Raids (Law of Retribution) To be honest I was not part of this game comunity when it was a thing, but from what I've seen on videos I seriously have no idea why it HAD to be removed. Since I mention this already I'd like to also suggest bringing some of quest only enemies into this game mode (I dunno how about you guys, but I loved fighting Tomb Guardians in sands of inaros quest. Grove Scepters could also be remade to be a bit more powerful and unique to fight aginst (for God's sake don't take "powerful" as 150+ level enemies)
= Make all events based on unlocked quest, not time limited. If a player unlocks a quest, he unlocks an event which is can be done like a rotating bounty (Scarlet Spear, Fractures, ghouls etc) once every week there could a rotation (like Baro for example), that introduces one new item (weapon or cosmetic) that wouldn't be avaliable though market or brings something again that was not there in a while. Similar how you built baruuk and hildryn from standing.
+ Universal vacuum - give warframes a base universal vacuum of 2-3 meters so at least if index point fall down in the spot you can't normally reach vacuum would pick that up for you. And sentinels all they do would be to increase range of vacuum to total of 10 meters
+ Squad View - When entering a public squad you get a view what setup people already run on current mission so you have a chance to switch your arsenal so you don't end up useless. When you're ready you press start or enter button again. You could also see list of current open squads and see squad ping maybe.
+ Change mission host numbers. Host has a crown 👑 icon and the rest has 2-4 (8) (for new players it's hard to tell what these numbers are ( I myself found out about that couple months ago and I play since PoE release) and crown always associates with a king of squad who host actually is.
= Zephyr revamp: make tornadoes faster by default, make them ACTUALLY follow nearby enemies, and make so they hold enemies in air as long they're alive through the entire duration of tornado (not drop enemies after a while). Slight damage multiplier while firing at tornadoes could also be welcome. Her 2nd ability should be completely changed but I have no idea how yet.
= Wall running?
+!!!!! (these "!" mean it's critical) Fix bug of being unable to attack when getting chain staggered/knocked down (I dunno write script that prevents every warframe to get knocked down again for 1.5 seconds if player have been knocked down recently or sth)
= Frost revisited - augment for globe that changes a stationary globe into a moving globe around warframe, buff scaling of armor reduction on frost Avalanche, or make armor reduction permanent from each cast, not duration based) (new passive, each enemy affected by cold in affinity radius will increase frost armor until a cap (let's say 500 armor) for set duration)
= When Lunaro ball weapon? When ghoul saw?
+ Change the look of energy leeching corrupted enemies so they stand out a little bit (I dunno, for example give them lighting aura like radiation proc.) or make all eximus enemies have a unique marker on map if enemy radar mod is equipped
==========Now there will be some brand new additions that does not necessarily have something to do with current content=============
= Grindable Syandanas and Attachments - Killing specific enemies grants you a unique drops which then could allow you to craft some very basic syandanas or attachments, for example grineer enemies (all of them have very low drop chance (something like 1-5% not 0.000000000000000000000000001% like some railjack mods) of some some alloy armor scraps which then can be turned into an armor set in style of grineer. Killing corpus could give you some energy batteries that could be turned into some syandana or another armor. These could also be a exclusive drop from new railjack expansion I will be posting in near future.
= Be friended with some nations, if you have for example a positive standing on Perrin Sequence you can buy corpus rare loot for credits instead of killing them and grind for that, if you have positive with Steel Meridian you can get grineer loot tables for credits. As an addition you could also sell your resources to them for credits. Depending on what resources you sell to who it depends if they are sold for more or less. For example orokin cells will cost more if you sell them to corpus and cost less if you sell them to grineer (since those are more 'exotic' to them). //Hoping to bring some more life to this game.
= Kuva liches, whenever one is active, he will have his own node (his own galleon) on the starting planet (since currently we have only grineer liches then those nodes can spawn only on grineer planets) of his spread. At this spot lich will be always available and if a player decides kill him, he can go there at instant. If player decides to grind murmurs first before facing lich he can do that in nodes that are under his control. With that change I'd expect some reduced requirements to unlock each murmur.
= Some of cosmetics are grindable (orbiter decorations) for example you can get grineer related stuff (such as grineer articula or noggles or resource decorations) able to be bought from Iron wake
=================These will be lesser tweaks that are not really mandatory but yet welcome================
= glyphs more visible, those are not just to spot difference between teammates in top left part of the screen. Those represent personality of a guy because out of all available glyphs he choose this one. Put that in profile screen, make it fairly big and more noticeable through daily gameplay.
+ Make a mod that brings back self damage
= Festive and Halloween attachments available whole year (since Christmas skins can be used whole year why Easter, mustaches and pumpkin can't be)
= Allow weapons to use other weapon's base skin from the same type (pistol=pistol, thrown=thrown, glaive=glaive, shotgun=shotgun) (take Trove as an example, this game allows all players to make their own gun skins then which can be implemented in game, whenever a player loots a weapon, it has applied skin, player can put that weapon in loot collector to get mastery and then apply that skin to any weapon player desires) and don't tell me how this could break logic since we can apply Mesa deluxe revolver skin to a catchmoon.
= Put warframe deluxe skin glyphs as a gratis addition to the bundle
= Please bring back that funny bug about laverian which allows you to have a tiny warframes either with mentioning or without, it was funny interaction which didn't alter gameplay in any scenario.
=More interior orbiter design decorations maybe? like Chinese new year and festive one (fraction based at least and Easter)
=Why can we see railjack from top window of orbiter, but can't see orbiter from front window of railjack?
If you find things you like and support some ideas don't forget to upvote. Feels nice to hear some feedback that people actually like those ideas and like to see them in game.
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2020.02.27 13:02 alex_lord An clan rework system idea Hello dear DE band and Steve, my nickname is -Tentarion-. I am the leader of the russian GoldenCrown clan, which was the winner of the Dojo contest in the summer season. Members of my clan and our allies are extremely concerned that clan and alliance content is not developing at all.
There is no secret that many players thinks clans useless. Nowadays clans are just the tool to get some blueprints of weapons and consumables, which are rarely added. When we offer to join a clan, newcomers often ask, why is a clan needed? It's only blueprints that are useful there. This is very very bad. While other games offer clans a lot of ways to stand out and show their status, assets and skill of players, Warframe just can't catch up.
Regarding this, I have a number of proposals that our players, my clan and my entire alliance waiting for. Here they are:
  1. Add the ability to view the clan: ie who is the leader, the number of members, their rank. It is also an opportunity to see which alliance the clan is in, as the number of active players is a decisive factor. The screenshot shows how I see it. This is not difficult to implement, but extremely useful.

  1. Add the ability to link the alliance in the chat. By clicking on the link, you can view the clans that are members of it.
In the screenshot, I added the ability to view the alliance directly, without going into in-depth information about the clan. Also, it became possible to write to the leader directly, to view information about the clan that is in the alliance (for the leader of the alliance, it is quite important - how many people are in the clan). Also on the right there is the ability to alert alliance clans. The message comes to the inbox of the clan leader and their deputies. Clans in the alliance can be notified once a day.

  1. Add the ability to actively upgrade the clan. Now the clan can be leveled up only by rare additions of blueprints for weapons and rewards for clan events. Thus, closer to rank 10, the border between an old and a new clan and is almost gone. I suggest introducing the ARTIFACTS system.
Artifact system: there was not a single player who did not want to grab a couple of capsules or jewelry with him. An artifact system can satisfy this need. So, to the newly created clans there will be only the jewelry from the TENNO section available, as it was before. To find and unlock the rest of the jewelry from the sections Grineer, Corpus, Orokin, Infested, Natural, Atmosphere, you need to gather a fullparty of clanmates. Only a group of 4 clan members with a certain chance (5-10%) can get a blueprint of thematic decoration. Jewelry is researched in the same way as the dyes in Tenno Lab.
Hovering the mouse over the decoration, we are able to see a brief description of the decor element, status (locked / unlocked), the number of points that it gives for the clan promotion and the places where this element can be found.
Dropout locations: Grineer - Mercury, Mars, Ceres, Sedna, Saturn. Case - Venus, Phobos, Europe, Neptune, Pluto. Orokin-Lua, Abyss. Infected - Eris. Nature - Earth. Atmosphere - Archwing missions, Realjack.
From endless missions- interception, survival, defense, etc. rewards can be obtained like from arbitration missions - in 2 rounds.
Pros - it will help to rally the clan members, add new content and the ability to grind, also it is an opportunity to develop the clan faster if the clan is really active. Naturally, those clans for which the Dojo is already decorated will not be able to get anything, but they will not be able to make and create new jewelry until they find and research the blueprints.
The screenshot shows how it will look in the game.

  1. Clan missions.
So, it's time to talk, why do we need clans, if you can buy everything in the store? I suggest to make "clan missions". The number of runs of clan missions per day & per player directly depends on the rank of the clan. The 1 clan rank is 1 mission run per player available, the tenth rank - 10 missions per player, etc.
Clan missions will drop a unique resource. What is it for? I suggest revising the blueprints available at the dojo. Clans need a unique warframe that will have no analogs. It shoud not be able to be bought in the store and sold to another player. This warframe would be possible to craft only through using this unique resource from clan missions. Let this be a bonus and a gift for those players who are really interested in the clan. Also, I suggest to make some it necessary for crafting some of the clan weapons. Also as a reward for clan missions, you can get an another Warframe sculpture, which can be installed in the Dojo Hall instead of the default Loki.
What are these missions? I don't even need to think of anything because you can return raid locations and make them clan-related. Many people dream of getting there again. This will also allow you to get additional content and encourage new and older players to discover clan content and return to the game.

  1. Seasonal record rewards.
Now the clan cannot stand out in the game in any way, except for very rare clan events. Weekly clan records give nothing so people don't want to spend time for them. I suggest introducing rewards for the Dojo for weekly records. How does it work?
Each week, you can try and take 1 - gold, 2 - silver or 3 - bronze place. The clan sets a record and gets into one of 3 places. At the end of the week, the result is reset, and the clan receives its reward. The reward is given to the clan only if the record was set by a group of 4 people from the clan. The awards depend on the theme of the location on which the record was set. As a reward, the clan can get a unique image for the Dojo in navigation, but no more than one per season to give other players the opportunity to receive rewards too. The image for the dojo depends on the fraction where the record was set grinir, corpus, Orokin, infected, Kuva.
In the future, it'd be good to make possible to match the appearance from the star map to the dojo's internal style.

  1. Allied clan's dojo display at the navigation map.
Many players were asking me - how to get to the Alliance Dojo? It is very sad that the alliance does not have a common base. My suggestion is extremely simple - to make the dojo of the clan that founded the alliance - the general alliance base, where all and any of the alliance members can meet up. This innovation can open up a lot of opportunities, one of which is trading on neutral territory, general alliance meetings in an alliance dojo, as well as organizing alliance events in a common place - alliance dojo.

  1. Make the order of clans in the list of the alliance not in the order of entry, but according to activity. It is calculated quite simply:
  2. Percentage of active players in the clan (the total number of players who have not visited the last 7 days is deducted from the total number of players).
  3. Activity in the clan itself, i.e. how often people gather in groups of four from one clan.
This will also encourage clans to be more active. Also, the alliance wars content will be added to the game, this system could allow to distribute the resources between clans more fairly in case of victory.
Also, speaking about the old Dojo problems that aren't solved for a long period of time.
Obstacle course: 1. Cylinders disappear when colliding with a camera in construction mode or a warframe that is not even going through the test. 2. Mannequins can still be killed by another player while passing the track. 3. Ammos are not replenished after passing the track. It is necessary to use the item to restore the ammo or go back to the dojo. 4. After exiting the track, you can be thrown into any random room in the dojo. I think you should appear right where you were before entering it. 5. track coloring can only see the host. other players see standard coloring. 6. the reverse side of the laser disc does damage if you jump on it or crouch to jump. 7. It is still not possible to make an obstacle course only for the Operator, by removing the opportunity to choose a warframe. 8. The energy of the Operator during the course is not visible. 9. There is no device with the help of which it is possible to interrupt the passage ahead of time. Only death. 10. If you passing the obstacle course by the Operator, then the passage can not be interrupted, even by the death of Warframe, since he becomes invulnerable. To interrupt the passage of the obstacle course for the operator is only possible by going to the dojo. 11. Solo mode does not work. Players have to wait for their turn to pass the obstacle course.
Dojo: 1. Old decoration still requires 3 points of capacity when new ones are worth 1. 2. For jewelry purchased from Business, Ticker, Baro and purchased for platinum in the store (I play at the RU, the names may differ), you still cannot change the size in the dojo. Why do they have a capacity of 20 if they are so small? 3. The teleport still does not support the Russian language. Russian players are forced to write Russian words in English letters. 4. I also suggest to implement the possibility of recognizing international languages for the Dojo and Arsenal: English, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Turkish and Polish, so that players can write in their own language regardless of the region of the game.
submitted by alex_lord to Warframe [link] [comments]

2019.11.06 17:11 lazy529 I switch client language when I was doing Lich hunt, now I have a kuva weapon's name in Chinese, but shows up as asterisks.

I switch client language when I was doing Lich hunt, now I have a kuva weapon's name in Chinese, but shows up as asterisks. submitted by lazy529 to Warframe [link] [comments]

2018.06.12 02:16 LunarProximity [Spoilers] Umbra Speculations

3 years ago, Umbra was released to the Chinese build of Warframe. He came out with the nikana prime, which makes sense because of excalibur promotional art featuring a nikana. In the Umbra teaser shown last year at Tennocon 2017, he wields a normal nikana. However, in the recent and final trailer, he's shown to use a new weapon, a sort of Orokin sword. I'd like to point out that on the Sacrifice page, the same sword is shown to be 'linking' to something with energy. I'm not sure how this will play out, but I think that sword will be important in the Sacrifice quest.
Another thing I'd like to point out is that in the recent trailer, Umbra has flashbacks. This isn't canon, but the War Within's leaked script featured flashbacks of Ballas and a Dax soldier.
Ballas: "What would you do… to save them?"
Mysterious Dax: "Anything."
The operator then asks what an Umbra is, and Teshin replies with, "A fury untamed by Tenno control. A rogue Warframe."
Umbra is shown to howl, which is reminiscent to Valkyr's scream, but I don't think it is related. Some theories were that Ballas could control the Umbra warframe, which I don't think is true. In the War Within, Teshin says, "Know this Tenno, that I am a Dax. A soldier of a lost era, the last of my kind. By Orokin hands we Dax were given great power, great strength... but an even greater weakness. To obey their command. To never defy the Kuva, the Scepter, the symbols of their dominion. No Dax can ever raise steel against an Orokin. Only you can do that."
It doesn't explicitly say that the Orokin couldn't control the Warframes, far from it. In the Silver Grove, an Orokin scientist is shown to be able to perform transference, but only in short bursts. I don't remember this, but going through the wikia and replays of the Silver Grove confirmed this, which I was dumbfounded to say the least. Another piece of evidence has the Tenno's eyes glowing then immediately transitioning to Ballas's eyes. A lot of people then came up with the theory that Ballas could perform transference.
Finally, I'd like to point out a small but crucial part of the Second Dream. After you defeat the Stalker, you are disconnected from your Warframe. He then appears, and stabs the War, Hunhow, into the Warframe. As the Stalker approaches the operator, Hunhow speaks about how the Stalker still hates himself for being a Tenno. An incredible scene, your warframe somehow gains consciousness. The warframe splits the war into two, defeating Hunhow, or so it seems. For the longest time, it was unknown how this happened. Perhaps the operator having a larger connection to the warframes. A theory that I believe to be true is that the warframe war an Umbra. I'm not exactly sure what an Umbra warframe is, but we'll see when the Sacrifice drops this week. I'd like to hear your guys' theories, and I'm really excited for all of the cosmetics, and possibly an Umbra pack including Umbra itself. Thank you DE for giving us Warframe.
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2018.01.22 00:45 TheZica I have seen the Future, Tenno!

ITT: Your predictions and thoughts for U23, facetious or otherwise... or perhaps even what you expect/hope not to see...
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2017.03.09 08:18 Muninn_Crow (Theory) Sun/Moon Warframes, and the Infestation

[Please note that this is a theory, and that though I present evidence, many of the connections are speculation and are not confirmed by DE. Some of this includes cut content from development for content eventually promised into the game]
[Warning: Spoilers (But you should expect that by now)]
Sun (Oro): Prime frames Neutral/Balance: Standard frames (Yes, even Equinox) Moon (Void): Umbra frames

The Infestation (Technocyte/Helminth)

The Orokin, timeless, radiant lords of culture, wrapped in gold, and draped with crystaline light. Masters of science, the Orokin created advanced machinery and organisms across the system. But they were not always benevolent, and created many monstrocities. The Sentient, the Grineer, the Infested... The Warframes.
Reveling in wars fought using the hands of slaves, it is clear that the Orokin were the greatest of all these monsters. Yet a select few truly had hearts of gold, and sought to heal and build, rather than destroy for their amusement.
One such Orokin was Silvana, the leading expert in Infestation Biology. (Apothic Imprints, The Silver Grove Questline) The Earth was a sulfuric wasteland when the researcher began her work, and life struggled to survive. She was requested by Marguelis to help work on the Tenno, and after Margulis' death, was tasked with creating the Warframes, an assignment the researcher soon loathed. Upon completing Titania, she utilized the Tenno-only Somatic link to possess the Titania warframe and sequester herself back to Earth. She describes an inky black evil lurking in her mind during the initial test of Transference, and though her body was lost, forever separated by the Transference, Titania used her own Infested matter to seed a new forest upon the Earth. This new forest, maintained by infestation, rapidly claimed the Earth, and would cover the entire surface in lush jungle of impressive scale. Several years later, long after the fall of the Orokin Empire, the Grineer would attempt to dominate the Earth, and quickly discovered that they could do little to hold back the infested jungle.
Throughout gameplay against the Infested, we frequently see dialogue hinting that the Warframes are Infested. The J3 Golem, among many Infested bosses, ask why the player forsakes them, as they are the same. The chair in the Helminth Infirmary, a part of the Orbiter, states wen you remove the cyst, "Why do you reject my beauty?", and even Ordis comments that the room is essential for maintaining the Warframes. Looking at the room, we see elements of Infested growth, and numerous plants and even an aquarium beneath the player's feet. It is also important to note that Helminth states its willingness to serve and fight for the Master, the Operator. "We... breathe for you. Bleed for you. Feed for you." It is my opinion that Helminth may be identical to, or a variation of, the researcher's Infestation on Earth. Or else it is the work of another researcher bending the will of the Infested. It is likely that it was Helminth who controlled the Warframe to protect the Operator during the end of The Second Dream questline.
I find it interesting then, that Helminth comments when speaking to the Operator, "The demon is awake? How?" and even "We fear nothing but the Void demon". This implies a bit of the Oro's or even Orokin's fear of the Tenno despite the supposed alliance, and hints at the weakness of everything to the powers of the Void. And depending on the player's alignment, you get different comments as well.
(Sun alignment) "(Light shines within this demon.)" (Neutral alignment) "(This demon walks the shadow's edge.)" (Moon alignment) "(Shadows grow within this demon.)" 
So we have three, technically four variants of the Infestation: The Technocyte Virus, and its Mutalist mutation via Alad V, and the Helminth Virus as a possible variant of the researcher's Infestation used for the Warframes and for Earth. Helminth maintains the Warframes using the Helminth Nursery's infestation and organic matter, as stated by Ordis, resulting in a smooth, orderly, self-contained warframe. It is possible, with all the melee, bullet, and laser damage we likely receive, that our warframes are made of Infested tissue and armor. However, these variations of Infestation are not readily compatible, featuring different aesthetics, and often require work to force compatibility, as seen with Alad V's Infested Mesa combined with a Control Collar, and even the presence of the rogue Chroma listed under the Infested faction in the Codex.
With this, we should have a clear understanding of what the Infested are, and the different minds governing its two species. However, now we must account for the alignment of Sun and Moon morality included in The War Within and The Glast Gambit. We've seen the Sun and Moon teams in the Lunaro matches, pitting the two sides against one another as the concept was introduced. But DE has continued this by including their morality system where the actions a player takes push them towards either side, or else maintain a balance.

Alignments (Sun/Neutral/Moon)

In the Warframe universe, there appear to be two spectral entities lurking beneath the surface of the game's events. We see the effects of the Oro (Sun) in the Orokin Empire, cities and ships bathed in white and gold, and with shining lights as the tower's Neural Sentry. Oro in Spanish means "gold", such that Orokin translates to "Golden Family". The Orokin, described as beautiful beings draped in white and gold silks, and threads of crystallized light. The Orokin were granted immortality through the body-snatching power of Continuity. Though portrayed as a glorious civilization well above any other, the Orokin became corrupt. This evil hidden by beautiful faces and culture loved war, and the dominance over their enemies. Within their palaces in the stars, they were protected by the Neural Sentry, an AI designed to dominate the mind of their victims, turning them into puppets and unwilling slaves. We see that Grineer, Corpus, and even the Ancient Infested are dominated by the Neural Sentry, and wear gold face masks, and even white garments of the Orokin slave-soldiers. They even turned convicts into AI, such as with Ordin Karis (Ordis) when he, upon his ascension ceremony to become Orokin, slaughtered the golden gods, who merely laughed at the display. It can be assumed that the mysterious Oro that gives the Orokin eternal life, is a corruptive force, that illuminates, yet burns all who stare into its depths. The Oro is 'order' taken to extremes by the Orokin. The order created by the Oro's enlightenment could be seen with the highly cultured, advanced, and eventually corrupt Orokin society, as their own growing arrogance led to their demise. In the types of Warframes developed, even their culture became a weapon with the Bard Frame. Between the two spectral entities, the Oro struck first.
Likewise, the Void appears to be a different entity, possibly countering the Oro, yet not necessarily benevolent. A dark twin, it is pure chaos, unpredictable, and horribly destructive. It is also a power that warps those it comes in contact with, much like how it affected the adults aboard the Zariman Ten-Zero. During the War Within questline, we learn that the children remained sane while the adults went insane. Yet somehow, the children remained safe, and exited the Void where they began, having gained god-like abilities, much like how the Oro gave the Orokin eternal life through their Continuity using a substance called Kuva. The Void grants great power, but is also capable of destroying the user, as the Tenno were initially unable to control their powers, harming themselves and those around them, and had to be put to sleep. It would seem apparent that these two entities are both corruptive, bearing great gifts at terrible costs, and use others for their own ends.
We see the back-and-forth game between the Oro and the Void all the time, though we rarely see the entities manifest themselves. The best example at the time of writing is the ending of The War Within, where the Oro contact you. If you drink the Kuva, the Oro states "Hey, kiddo, what took you so long?" as the player descends down the path towards the Orokin. If the player destroys the Kuva, the Oro says, "You mad at me, kiddo? Did you forget? You owe me." But if the player gives the Kuva to Teshin, the Oro states, "Don't forget, kiddo... you're nothing without me." This dialogue shows the dominating nature of the Oro at its finest, hinting at the path the Orokin took to what they became. It could be that the Void will manifest soon in the gameplay, or else stay the invisible hand pushing the war along.
But what of Neutrality? The Tenno are described as having a culture of balance. Tenno in Japanese means "Divine Emperor", hinting at a fate similar to the Orokin. We see this in some of the Tenno syndicates, such as the Arbiters of Hexis, who seek truth through discipline and practice, and believe that the Tenno can be more than the warriors that the Orokin, that the Oro, purposed them as. The Red Veil sees corruption all around them and desire to purge those they deem corrupt. Though they target Corpus and Grineer, they adhere more to a Orokin ideology of war and domination, since they utilize a Charger death squad. Knowing the number of Tenno they must target, they must have quite the army of dominated Infested. And then we have New Loka, hating the cloning of the Grineer, and any and all genetic mutation, desire a pure humanity. They would be opposed to the Red Veil's use of the Infested, and very likely to the existence of the Tenno due to their Infested nature, and their Void powers. As it is, New Loka would seek freedom from the influence of both Oro and Void entities. Or perhaps New Loka only cares about genetic mutation as it pertains to Humanity's essence.
The Tenno, under the Orokin, maintained a balance through the Five Great Tenno Schools, using Focus Lens to meditate and train their Tenno abilities. Doing this, the Tenno can acquire Convergence energy used to improve and augment their skills.
Madurai is "Engage thy enemy" through swift, uncompromising onslaught, and recklessly attacking foes with speed and savagery. Many of the abilities featured here are fire-based, such as Searing Wrath, Phoenix Gaze, and Hades Touch. This school is symbolized by an ash cloud.
Zenurik is "Dominate the enemy", choking opponents of resources, believing that sheer strength could erase resistance. Many of the abilities here are void-based, such as Umbra Lance, Void Pulse, and Rift Sight. Though similar to the Oro belief of dominance, this school seems focused on the Void's variety, and is symbolized by a crystal.
Unairu is "Outlast the enemy", focusing on endurance, withstanding all aggression so the enemy surrenders before the fight has begun. Many of the skills in this school are based on judgment and paralysis. This school fits with the Oro belief in supremacy, and is symbolized by a mountain.
Vazarin is "Counter the enemy", and focuses on nullifying an opponent's attack and maintaining constant awareness. Many of the abilities feature the moon or water, even the tides to heal allies and protect from attacks. The school is symbolized by a tsunami.
Naramon is "Knowing the enemy", and focuses on understanding the enemy to determine their behavior and weaknesses. Many of the abilities hear invoke shadows or the mind to impart crowd control, finishers, and critical damage. This school is symbolized by a tree.
It seems likely that the Oro sought to turn the Void's creation into warrior servants for its own end. I doubt the Void would let this pass. Noting the sudden problem the Sentients posed to the Orokin Empire, followed shortly by the backlash of the Technocyte Virus, could it be that the Void's solution to its stolen children was to grant sentience to the Orokin's machines and take over the Infestation, and turn them on the Orokin? An eye for an eye. Was the goal to destroy the stolen, warped creations that were the Tenno, and weaken the Oro's hold on the system? It clearly didn't work as planned, as a third path opened. The Orokin were destroyed, as were the Sentients, yet a single Sentient named Natah took the Tenno children and hid them on the Moon, which was then hidden in the Void. Symbolically, this could hint at a form of reclamation of the Void's children from the Oro's grasp, though the Sentients still in the system would seek to continue their mission upon awakening, and the Infestation continued to ravage the system unchecked.
So the Tenno are freed from the control of both Oro and Void, a pseudo-balance between the two, wielding the powers of the Void through Oro-inspired warframes. With memories lost in stasis, the Tenno would seek out more powerful frames readily available. Frames designed by the Orokin. The Prime frames.


This brings us to a unique development. The standard frames we operate when first starting are second-gen, not of Orokin making. They are Post-Orokin. And then we have the Primes, far stronger than the common, standard frames. But if the Primes are an extension of the Oro, of 'order' and the power it brings, the standard frames are Neutrality, not empowered by order or chaos, but a careful calm between them, tugged at by either side.
Enter the Umbra warframes. These warframes have been hinted at multiple times in Warframe's development, and Excalibur Umbra was released on the Chinese build as part of the Founder's Pack, and promised to the International build in the future. These frames, it seems, are rare, and as Teshin described in cut dialogue from an early script of The War Within, are "fury, untamed by Tenno control. A rogue Warframe." ( Though this was cut from the game, we can see that the Umbra warframes are a recurring concept throughout development. There have been other cases of rogue warframes in Warframe, too. The rogue Chroma during The New Strange questline, the Rhino Prime lore entry, and even the Infested Mesa. In 'The New Strange', the player receives a mysterious signal, leading to a final confrontation with a wild Chroma. Through scans, and each beacon leading to a new component, the player is able to build their own Chroma. Another example of a rogue warframe comes in the form of Rhino Prime's lore, where the warframe is on a rampage through an Orokin tower, seeking revenge against anyone in its path for the mutilation of its kin, the other warframes weaved with Infested flesh by the researchers. Its rampage is only stopped when the Tenno children transfer into the rogue warframe to tame it.
It is likely that if the rogue or infested Warframes are controlled by the Void, as Umbra is Latin for "shadow", that these frames are likely individualistic and violent, since they do not seem to operate together, and target the Tenno specifically. The Grineer Queens, a revival of the Orokin Empire without the mask of beauty, have tamed one, and task it with killing the Operator and Teshin in the cut script for The War Within, much like how the Chroma also sought to kill the player. It may be that the Void is attempting to exterminate its corrupted children, unable to reclaim them, or forgive them for their alleged betrayal. This also ties back into the possibility that the Void turned both the Sentients and the Infested against the Orokin, and both byproduct factions of that empire, the Corpus, and the Grineer, since the Grineer are led by two Orokin using Continuity, and the Corpus are descendants of the Orokin, as Alad V is referred to as Orokin by the Sentient, Hunhow. The fact that the Infested target both sides with a passion and even target the Tenno over defense targets indicates a strong hatred for all things Orokin-aligned. Since many players have Prime frames, or frames inspired by the Primes, this would only be strengthened, making the Tenno appear as servants of the Orokin still.
In one case, the Infested claimed a Mesa warframe while under the guidance of Alad V. Through a deal with the Technocyte Virus' central consciousness, Alad V slowed his own Infestation, and was able to command the Infested to a degree, granting them the ability to infest machinery as well. His new Mutalist strain was designed to infest the Grineer, Corpus, and Tenno alike, and he used this virus to infest a Mesa warframe to obey his commands. Like Helminth, it is possible that the Technocyte Virus has its own mind capable of communication, but the two Infestations are very different, with Helminth being very smooth and organic, loyal to the Tenno but scared of the Operator, whereas the Technocyte Virus is ridged when it develops armor, and results in unnatural growths upon the subject that would inhibit it. Though both strains were created by the Orokin, the Helminth strain appears not to inhibit mobility in its subjects, remaining orderly and internalized, whereas the Technocyte Virus, without Orokin control, has run rampant, and grows erratically on its subjects, even twisting skeletons and muscles within seconds of infestation.


"But what about Equinox?" Those of you not bothering to read this might ask. "Surely that dismantles the entire post?" Surprisingly not, I dare say. Equinox is balance, and governs night and day between her two forms. As I stated earlier, the neutrality of the Tenno is a constant tug-of-war between the Oro and the Void. And we see this tug-of-war throughout the events of the game with each faction as pawns, and even in the end dialogue of The War Within where the Oro seems to contact us. Equinox is the embodiment of balance between both sides, using either side to "unleash wrath like the onset of daybreak", or "draws life to a close like dusk's approach". It is important to note that the sun and moon are symbolic in nature, and may have no literal connection to either entity. But the nature described in Equinox's abilities draw a connection to the Oro and Void.
All Tenno powers are a gift from the Void, though the Warframes to safely channel them were inspired through the Oro, effectively stealing the Void's power for its own uses. As we have seen with the Orokin Empire, and its offshoots the Grineer and Corpus, wrath and hatred are constantly perpetuated. The Void, however, is erratic, lurking in the darkness, and is patient to strike. But when the Void does strike, it is sudden and casts fear in its victims.
Equinox's abilities tie in nicely with these traits. First is the ability to swap between both forms, representing the balance required to do so. Second is 'Rest & Rage', where during the day, targets become more vulnerable to attacks, but at night are put to sleep, making them easier to assassinate. Third is 'Pacify & Provoke', where in the day, nearby allies are empowered, increasing attack damage. But at night, incoming damage is reduced. And finally, 'Mend & Maim', where in the day, nearby enemies are bled and subjected to a wave of slash damage, and at night, allies are healed when enemies are killed.
In this sense, the day (sun) represents the Oro and its sudden, vengeful wrath, resulting in constant pain and suffering. The night (moon) represents the Void, with a myriad of abilities that control the situation, heal allies, and patiently expose targets for executions.
submitted by Muninn_Crow to Warframe [link] [comments]

2017.02.01 09:38 Muninn_Crow [Theory] Sun and Moon Warframes

There are three types of frames in the Warframe universe. We have our Standard Warframes, our Prime Warframes, and our Umbra Warframes not yet released. It is my belief that these frames correspond to the Sun/Neutral/Moon polarities, though we ultimately gain access to any and all warframes.
It is known that the Orokin did not trust the Tenno, until they proved themselves during the Great War against the Sentients and the Infested. It is stated then that the Tenno were draped in "savior's silk". We know that the Prime warframes were created specifically for the Tenno by the Orokin. As a result, it would not make sense for the Orokin to make any frame that was less than perfect. They were the Golden Lords, after all, and they don't do things halfway. The Orokin are obsessed with white and gold. There have been vague mentions of the Oro as a sentience or energy that allowed them to revive every time they died, and as we see during the Conclave, this Oro is gold. We also know that the Void seems to be the opposite of this, else the Infested would not be able to infest the Orokin technology. The Tenno and their Warframes are immune to the Technocyte Virus, demonstrating the power of the Void. Orokin technology does not run on Void energy, meaning it can, and is infested like all other technology or organics.
However, now that we have covered both sides of the coin, we may address the warframes themselves. We can assume that by their nature, the Orokin seek perfection in all they do, and would create the Prime warframes. The standard warframes we start with in the game are either prototypes, or were made by the Lotus or other factions around the time of the fall of the Orokin. This would explain the severe lack of white and gold on these frames. We also know that the Orokin place control collars on intruders to their ships and stations, and even had slaves in the same capacity. It may be, that in an attempt to ensure Tenno loyalty, the Primes were a gift, binding the Tenno in chains of loyal servitude.
So how is it the player starts the game in a standard warframe if they had, at one point, worn a Prime? It is possible that Prime frames were gifted to all the Tenno after they had proven themselves, or were even ceremonial in nature. We also know that the Tenno slaughtered the Orokin, and that these Orokin did not revive after. This presents us with two things: That the Void can cancel out the Oro, preventing their resurrection (though Kuva may feature prominently in this process, as the Grineer Queens harvest it for this purpose, and the black liquid offered to both Ordin Karis [The Beast of Bones] at his ascendancy ceremony, (likely a variation of Continuity designed to make new Orokin) and to the player at the end of War Within is allegedly Orokin blood.) After the slaughter, the Tenno went into hibernation in their standard frames, effectively casting off their shackles, though memory loss, and the collapse of civilization would see them seek out these chains again.
On the flip-side, we have the rumored Umbra warframes, with only Excalibur Umbra being confirmed in the Chinese build. However, in a datamined script for The War Within, (though not official due to development changes) we see the Grineer Queens shout for an Umbra to attack Teshin and the Operator as they escape. Later, Teshin explains that the Umbra is "A fury untamed by Tenno control. A rogue Warframe." It would appear that like Tenno Specters, the Umbra are untamed warframes not inhabited by an entity like the Tenno warframes are. Instead, the Grineer Queens refer to the warframes in general as Infested Puppets, implying that a variation of the Infested is used to form the warframes, and thus might feature a degree of intelligence to function similar to Corpus robotics, and when the player's warframe saves the Operator from Stalker at the end of Second Dream. As seen on the Excalibur Umbra, they also have golden protrusions similar to the Primes' accents, or the control collars. Noting the Grineer Queens' shout to summon one, it can be implied that these gold accents are indeed control collars, and may limit the warframe's aggression.
An interesting detail to note is the choices the player makes (Sun and Moon), do not seem to apply to the Orokin ideology as golden radiance. The Oro is gold, the Orokin facilities and technology is bright and shining, so it would be logical then to assume that the sun would best represent them. Likewise, the Void is then be the darkness, meaning the moon could represent it, yet in the morality choices in the latest quests, decisions that align more with Orokin morality is moon, and decisions that save individuals, or reject Orokin ideology is Sun. However, this may be DE's means of trying to paint the Lotus as a guiding light, and the Orokin as a festering darkness, a duality of control vs untamed savagery. Ironically, this can go both ways.
We still do not know how the Sun/Moon morality will pan out, and what it will lead to, but the existence of three types of frames seems to be more than a coincidence, seeing as the method to attain Umbra frames has yet to be revealed. So it is my belief that the Umbra and Prime frames fit into this system in some way, creating a split in Tenno ideology and factions, as some Tenno may bring about a revival of Orokin culture.
Oro means "gold" in Spanish, as Orokin means "Gold family", though "kin" is also Japanese for "gold". But Umbra is Latin for "shadow". I believe that the warframes align with the morality as is follows:
Sun Neutral Moon
Prime Standard Umbra
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